Ferrari Challenge Live Stream 2023

Ferrari Challenge Live Stream

Ferrari Challenge Live Stream 2023

Watch the Live Ferrari Challenge Streaming 2023


Whenever one hears the word RACE, the first thing which comes into the mind of an automotive enthusiast is to participate and to feel the thrill of a roaring engine at high speeds, but there are some boundaries it's not as easy as it seems only professional race drivers can do that, but The Ferrari challenge is the one of kind racing series which allows a Ferrari owner to race their car on the track, Ferrari challenge is the only one manufacturer race which was formed in 1993, by the owner of Ferrari Club Netherlands,  when the owners of Ferrari 348 wished to participate in the race with their cars. In 1995 a special kit was made for the cars that made the stock car more track-oriented and enhanced its performance. 

Initially, the series comprised five main series in different regions; the Ferrari challenge Italy, the Ferrari challenge north America, the Ferrari challenge Asia-pacific, the Ferrari challenge Europe and the final combined event Finali Mondiali.
Final Mondiali is the combined race after all seasons and serves as the World Championship of the race to determine champions in their respective categories. 

Currently, the challenge comprises three series; the North American series, the Asia-Pacific series, and the Europe series, which are further divided into four categories:
1.    Trofeo Pirelli
2.    Trofeo Pirelli Am
3.    Choppa Shell 
4.    Choppa Shell Am

The 2022 Ferrari Challenge final was held at the Autodromo Enzo E Dino Ferrari, a purpose-built 4.9 km racing circuit in Emilia-Romagna, Italy. 

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